Friday, August 27, 2010

Thankful #8: Hearts, Hell, and Poems

There are many times I don't feel like being thankful, but then the Holy Spirit reminds me of David,
 who was thankful even at the worst of times:

"Oh that men would praise the Lord
For all His goodness towards them.
For He has broken the gates of hell
and cut iron bars in two." --Psalm 107

I am thankful for victory, even when I am weak and can only manage to keep my heart beating. Even that is a gift from God. Thank You, Lord, for my beating heart.

"Have you ever wondered, what protects our hearts? Just a cage of rib bones, and other various parts."
--Ingrid Michaelson

Teach me how to love like You.

Heart Song

Everything I see
Reminds me of a song I know
The rhythm starts like this
A-thump a-thump a glow
My heart is beating fast
In time with yours in mine
You are my melody
You are my surest line.


Oh, give me wings of fire
That I might soar towards your scorched moon
And rest upon the constellation
That shines for me and you.
Your heart is my universe
The planets song I sing
We may be stuck between the firmament
But we’ll get out someday
On a flying comet’s tail
Oh, you take me away
With every glance you look at me
And I feel as if
I have landed home.


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